Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August appt and other happenings...

There was a surprise for the August appt... there wasn't one! I guess since we basically skipped July (didn't go until July 30th...) and our dr is out in August.. they just skipped! We go on Sept 3rd... another LOVELY 8:00 am appt. The ONLY good thing about that is that we get in and out faster, we did last time at least.

In other news, Jackson started WEE School at our Church last week and LOVES it! He is already learning more and it is only from 8-12 3 days a week, which is much less school that he is used to.

Ashton took a step, well, really it was more like a stomp, she moved one foot forward while standing on her own so I am putting it on record that her first step was at 8 months. I am sure she will wait until she is at least two to take another one since I have put that in writting! She has also given up on baby food almost all together. Some new foods that she has tried recently and really taken a liking too are real green beans, carrots, turkey sandwich with mustard, ramen noodles (I cannot eat these in front of her if I want her to eat something else), and cinammon toast crunch. She has pretty much decided it is only big girl food for her! She also broke another tooth through yesterday, top left...

Health wise, all is good. She is coughing a little more, but I am CONVINCED it is from extra saliva from teething... you can just about see it choking her... So, we are just doing our treatments and continuing to pray:)

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  1. You are more than welcome to stay with us again! I work the 2nd and 3rd...which just means we wouldn't get to spend any time together, but I would be up getting ready bright & early with you!

    Aaaannnd....Maybe Ashton could teach my noncrawler how to get on the move!