Thursday, October 22, 2009

Long time no blog...

Wow! So much to blog about since the last time I did this! First, we did not get to skip our October appt. It was an oversite. I got a phone call on a Friday that they needed us to come on Tues. So, we went. No problems, everything looked great, and she is up to the 56th percentile in her height to weight ratio. This is WELL ABOVE where they want her to be. We never heard from the cough culture and I keep forgetting to call. Must not be too bad... but I'll let everyone know when I know:)

In other news, as most of you know, the Stewart clan is moving yet again. This is number 10 in 10 years I think. Aaron has accepted a postition as the Executive Director of the Magnolia Economic Development Corporation (the C might stand for something else, Council, something, not sure really!) Anyway, he accepted the position on Sept 15th, and the movers came on October 5th. How's that for turnaround! They came on the 5th because that is the only time they could come. His first day on the job was the 19th, however, the house we want to rent in Magnolia is currently occupied until the house the current residents are building is complete... so we are living it up in Hampton at my parents house until we can move in. That is supposed to be next week. We are PRAYING! I love my parents, I am so grateful to them, and I know they are loving the time with the grandkids, both sets of grandparents are, but I am ready for my own house again:) LOL! I am sure they won't mind some peace and quiet either! We are just excited to see what the Lord has in store for us in Magnolia, Arkansas. We are excited to start visiting Churches, meeting friends, and bringing glory to His name in whatever way He has in store for us!

I have had two job interviews... waiting to hear back from one so we can make a decision if their is a decision to make. I will keep everyone updated.

Ashton's next appt is Nov 19th and we are really praying they have all the flu vaccines she needs then. They will vaccinate us too if they have the supplies, so that will be good:)