Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sept appt

We had our Sept appt today. More of the same really... except that she has jumped from the 50th percentile on the growth chart to the 51st...she got a smiley face sticker for that! Also, there was the warning for the cold and flu season coming up. We were advised to not go to the mall or Walmart during "peak" hours and to not used the nursery at Church if we know there are sick kids in there or that there is something going around. They are of course pleased that she in no longer in child care for as long as that can last. So we may be hermits this winter! Still, they did not recomment the RSV vaccine for this season, which is good, and we will not go back until the first week of Nov. That is skipping another month! I'll report the cough culture results when we get them.

Ashton took three steps yesterday, on her 9 month birthday. I am currently having to remind myself to shut the bathroom doors to keep her away from the soap ( her new favorite snack) and the potty (she has deemed it her personal aquatic park). Jackson is as wild as ever, all little boy, with a mouth that rivals mine as a child, and that is bad. He love his sissy though, and is still loving his new school.

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