Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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Friday, March 06, 2009
same song, different verse
Okay, we've had a few days to digest Ashton's diagnosis now. I'm not sure I"ve really digested it at all really. I think I may still be in shock, so beware of the blog you may get when the shock wears off:) For now, we are just continuing to know that this is for His glory. CF is a genetic disease, and both parents have to be carriers for a child to have it. Therefore, the very fact that Aaron and I are her parents is what makes her "sick." Then again, when I think about it, the drs say she has gene "mutations" that she inherited from each of us. Who wrote our DNA? Who are we to question the Great Writer... the author of human DNA. If there is one thing that I know that I know other than Jesus Christ is the living son of God and died for our sins, and that I am going to the place He prepared for me, it is that He created Aaron and I for each other. Think about that... when He wrote our respective DNA, he wrote it with the other in mind, and the children that were created from it. Both of our children where formed in the secret place and their exact DNA that would be inherited from us was known from before time began. He chose us to parent these particular children and to guide them through their particular purpose on this earth. This event in our lives could very well be the beginning of the purpose for which our family was placed together on this earth. Who am I to question? Such things are too great for me know. I am so very, very thankful that she is currently symptomless and that she has NONE of the digestive problems that often come along with CF. We are going to ge diligent in doing what the doctors say to try to keep her healthy. I plan on blogging a little later about a conversation I had with the Lord the day I found out I was pregnant, but I need to pray about exactly how to word it first. Stay tuned if your interested:) (Yes, you read that correctly, a conversation with the Lord.)

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