Monday, June 29, 2009

June cough culture and vitamin levels

The June cough culture looked great! Apparently exactly the same as last time meaning she still grew the influenza from last time but that is apparently no big deal...and apparently there really was some kind of staph on the last one that is not there now. All of that to say this one is good:) Also if you'll remember, they drew blood to check vitamin levels...which were all normal except for one type of vitamin E that was elevated. I would think better high than low but I am waiting for a call back on that. In other news, for the first time since she was born Ashton had a cold that got better before she had to go into the hospital! Praise Him! Also, in the space of two weeks she has begun to crawl, pull up, and has cut two teeth! She is keeping us all on our toes:)

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