Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Other thoughts

I know most of you come here for updates about Ashton, and some of you for updates about our family in general. Since today, praise the Lord, there is nothing new to report about Ashton's health, and our family is just having an ordinary little life (nice change, praise the Lord again!), I wanted to share something else. A few years ago I read a book by Lisa Terkeurst ( called "What Happens When Women Walk In Faith." Well, in that book it suggested keeping some sort of written record of your faith walk, even if it were just a journal that no one would see until you died. You never know who this could encourage in the future, to see how God has worked in you life. I have no doubt that our entire life, mine and Aaron's together and everday that led up to our "togetherness" has had God's hand all over it, and I have much to record. I thought "Oh, I can keep a journal." But God's voice deep in my heart kept pushing me toward the second suggestion in the book about keeping a written record... to blog, and publish it for everyone to see... oh, wait Lord, really? "Don't you want people to know what I have done for you, Faith" the Lord responded. But wait Lord, my FAMILY might see it! People I work with! My friends, people who have know me since kindergarten or before, not just strangers who need to know about you! At that time the only place to blog I new about was myspace, and that would just be wierd. So, I compromised with the Lord (how smart was I?) I set up a special myspace page, did not link it to my realy one, used a "pen name" and began to blog. I think I made two or three posts, good posts, but who saw it? My rationality was that the Lord would lead those there who needed to see it. And he could, and maybe he did, but was I really doing what He wanted me to do? Was that kind of a cop out? Fast forward a few years... haven't posted since right after we moved to Wynne... haven't forgotten about it, still had the prompting, but not doing it. Fast forward a little more, we have a sick baby, people want updates, and what are they asking for, a blog... hmmm... okay Lord. Do I think this is why Ashton is sick? absolutely NOT... do I think I maybe better start obeying.?.. a resounding YES. So, from time to time, you may get random "Faith's faith" thoughts on here. Like this one. My goal, my purpose in this life is to live in complete obedience to Him, and that is what this is... obedience to my Father. I will share what he tells me to. I pray that he guides my fingers as to what to type. I am no longer working... and though free time is still not abounding... I'm out of excuses.

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